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Goal 3: Receive 100% of Our Electrical Power from Clean, Renewable Sources
Renewable Energy - Solar Panels at the Airport San José uses 6.1 billion kilowatt hours of electricity each year

78% of this electricity comes from limited, non-renewable resources, resulting in almost 1.7 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

Powering Our Community with Clean Renewable Energy 

San José Tech Museum Solar.jpgCurrently, 21 percent of the electrical power used in San José comes from renewable sources. At 4.8 billion kilowatt hours a year, switching to 100 percent clean renewable energy sources will drastically reduce San José's carbon footprint. Providing affordable renewable options to all electricity users in San José is an ambitious goal, and it will require both innovation and investment.

One means of achieving this goal is through solar energy. We have the sunshine, and the solar technology innovations being developed here. The City of San José can save money and help the environment by installing solar on our City facilities, and we can make it easier for individuals and business to do the same. We will support power purchase agreements, helping homeowners and businesses to facilitate the procurement of solar energy technology.

Through partnerships with residents, private sector leaders, and civic organizations, San José will become a national solar showcase with cutting-edge demonstration projects, residential and commercial bulk purchasing arrangements, and solar-powered public buildings. In addition to harnessing solar power, San José will also support the development of innovative technologies and evaluate the use of other clean energy sources, such as wind, water, geothermal, hydrogen, biomass, electrochemical and fuel cell technologies.
Performance Metrics

Renewable Energy Generation

GOAL 3 Renewable Energy Generation

*Note: 2014 electricity usage data is not available from PG&E until July 2015

 View the graph below for an additional metric related to Renewable Energy:
 Solar Energy in San José 
Goal 3 Solar Energy in San Jose